Universo normal is a door to my imagination. But that is normal. And that is why it is a universe. It is a concept that at the same time inspires magic, something huge like the universe, and also concentrates on that which is basic and firmly rooted, like folk music.

Lucia Fumero

Diverse styles have influenced the pianist and singer Lucia Fumero. With much anticipation, she has released her own album and project, with original music that explores a variety of spaces; all full of vitality and fresh air. The core of her universe is born from folklore and is transformed through the knowledge she has consolidated in classical and jazz music. This results in unique and singular colors. Interested in both songs with lyrics and instrumental music, Lucia Fumero expresses herself with a marked rhythm of charisma and personality as well as impressionism; two seemingly opposing concepts. But when she composes, everything flows, dances and inevitably captivates.

Universo normal

Seed Jazz 001


Lucia Fumero, piano, voice

Martín Leiton, double bass, leona

Juan Rodríguez Berbín, drums, percussion


Rita Payés (Sibulet, Quisiera ser un robot, La muerte despierta, Pichón)

Eva Fernández (Quisiera ser un robot, La muerte despierta)

Magalí Datzira (Quisiera ser un robot, La muerte despierta)

Nico Roig (Nana para Rita)

Pol Batlle (Nana para Rita)


Music and lyrics by Lucia Fumero | Produced by Lucia Fumero and Juan Rodríguez Berbín | Recorded by David Casamitjana in Montoliu de Segarra, July 21 and 22, 2020 | Voices recorded by Quim Kato Puigtió, on October 6 and 7 in Sant Celoni | Mixed and mastered by Quim Kato Puigtió | Photography: Héctor Noguera | Design: Toormix


Joan and Rut, Horacio, Anabel and Juan Pablo, Nil, Juan, Nico, Rita and Pol.

  1. Intro – 1:31
  2. Quisiera ser un robot – 4:10
  3. Sibulet – 5:29
  4. La muerte despierta – 3:08
  5. Nana para Rita – 3:02
  6. La noche y el día – 3:22
  7. Carancho – 2:26
  8. Extraterrestre – 4:42
  9. Tokisky y los demonios cubanos – 4:52
  10. Tofu y Mora – 4:15
  11. Pichón [bonus track featuring Rita Payés, trombone] – 2:49