Enrique Morente: In memoriam

Morente - Requiem - Cover

Arcángel, José Enrique Kiki Morente, Pere Martínez and Paula Domínguez, cantaores  |  Fernando Brox, flute  |  Pau Roca, oboe  |  Carola Ortiz, clarinet  |  Daniel Ortuño, bassoon  |  Julián Sánchez, Òscar Latorre and Andrea Motis, trumpets  |  Ramon Cardo, Albert Abad, Santi de la Rubia and Martí Serra, saxophones  |  Eduard Prats, fiscorn and flugelhorn  |  Sergi Vergés, Joan Palacio and Vicent Pérez, trombones  |  Joel Bardolet, violin  |  Marc López, guitar  |  Joan Pérez-Villegas, vibraphone  |  Joan Díaz, piano and melodica  |  Toño de Miguel, double bass and electric bass  |  Marc Miralta, drums  |  David Domínguez, percussion  |  Cor ArsInNova (Marc Díaz Callau, conductor)

Label: SEED

Release year: 2019

Catalog number: SEED009



If Enrique Morente, that colossal figure, had not existed, we would have had to invent him. He was an absolutely essential cantaor/creator in the history of flamenco. Without him, it would be impossible to understand the current situation of jonda (deep, profound) music. His contribution to the genre is immense, from new versions of some of the repertory’s classic songs to the most avant-garde projects created throughout his career. His two recorded works from 1977 are good examples. The double LP, Homenaje a D. Antonio Chacón (Homage to Don Antonio Chacón) was a demonstration of respect and admiration for the legendary cantaor from Jerez, who was not, at the time, appreciated as he is now, largely thanks to this work by Enrique with Pepe Habichuela. In the same year, one of the most revolutionary flamenco albums came out: Despegando (Taking off). Both registers offer a good handful of exemplary pieces of Morente’s art. Faustino Núñez, Musicologist.


Taller de Músics 1979 – 2019


Joan Albert Amargós, conductor

Joan Díaz, composer

Manuel Forcano, text curator



1. Introitus: En pie

2. Kyrie Eleison: Pietat

3. Graduale: Coplas de la amistad

4. Tracto: Los sueños malos

5. Sequentia – Dies Irae: Tristes guerras

6. Offertorium: Fuera del mundo

7. Sanctus: Canción 8

8. Agnus Dei: Despedida

Live at Sala BARTS. Voll-Damm Barcelona International Jazz Festival. Barcelona, Spain 13th December 2017